Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Doggie Day Trip - Tucson

Sophie and I jetted off to Tucson on Saturday and discovered a few spots that welcomed both man and beast:
  • Saguaro National Park (East) - Dogs are not allowed on the trails, but they are welcome to trot on the nine mile loop road, the various scenic overlooks and the expansive picnic area. The ranger even had a stash of dog biscuits at the entry.  $10/vehicle.  The pass is good for 7 days. 
  • Agua Caliente Park - Check out this site for info and stunning wildlife photos.  There is a natural spring pond and bevies of beautiful birds (great for meditation or chasing).   
  •  Farmer's Market at St. Philips Plaza - A lot of crafts and a few fresh produce stands.  Great for people watching and dog sniffing.  I bought a steaming cup of hand pressed Costa Rican coffee and an apple crumble pie made with mesquite flour (ground mesquite pods).   
  • Cup Cafe at the Hotel Congress - A great little place in downtown Tucson by the University.  Sophie and I hung out at the patio until the storm rolled in right over our quiche.  We retired to the lobby where Herb, our waiter - great name for a waiter, brought us some sweet potato fries, a bowl of fresh water and a cup of coffee. 
As for the Finger Rock Trail (see two previous photos)... well, Google just informed me that dogs aren't allowed on that trail.  So, let's just drop that one from the list.
    The loop drive  at Saguaro National Park East


    1. I love the bright color in this pic! What a beautiful day it must have been!


      Tillicum (WA) Daily Photo

    2. Great photo! Nothing makes a photo like a cute dog.

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